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 Rev Denise Gillard, MDiv, CCF-CCP

 "I provide women in transition and emerging leaders with keys

 to sustainable transformation so they can reach their goals 

and find the freedom they need to thrive!"

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The no obligation session is held via Zoom Video-Conferencing or phone (depending on your location) and is scheduled based on Eastern Standard Time.

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What I love most about my sessions with Rev Denise are that she listens and asks a lot of probing questions. I have lived a life in this world that can be a lot to hear and not once has Rev Denise joined me in my exhaustion. She continues to encourage and challenge me. I was completely lost and like “Amazing Grace”, she helped me be found.

Sheryl-Lynn Codogan-Udeh Sole-Support Parent

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 Ready to intentionally set aside time and resources to invest in yourself so that you can succeed?

Willing to explore what it means to be your best self, living your best life?

Want to slam the door shut on fear and other blockages standing in the way of your purpose and destiny?

Simply put—  Are you ready for your MORE?

Then you’re in the right place:  My Divine Appointment is the ultimate coaching company that provides women with the keys to sustainable transformation.

Download your free copy of "5 Keys to Kick-Start Your Personal Pivot, Women’s Edition” to start your transformation journey today.

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"Opportunities that come before you’re ready, make you ready."

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About My Divine Appointment

Founder, CEO and Lead Coach:  Rev Denise Gillard, MDiv, CCF-CCP

My Divine Appointment is the ultimate coaching company that provides women and emerging leaders with keys to sustainable transformation.

Along with responsive, customized, and needs-based coaching, My Divine Appointment delivers Courses, Masterclasses, Seminars, Webinars, Mastermind Groups, Challenges, Retreats, Special Events, and more, so that you can live a healthy, accountable and impactful life.  


“When I met Rev Denise, I knew right from the introductory session that she was the right coach for me. We connected and bonded easily especially because not only was she so encouraging but she was equally vibrant and quickly dismantled the fears and apprehension that I had. She was also able to quickly identify the critical areas where she felt I needed clarity and support.”

Immaculate Njeru Executive Director

Rev Denise’s insight, understanding, professionalism and ability to focus on the real issues, along with her constant reminders to remain focused and ‘interrogate my narrative’; have been central to my self discovery as a leader as well as my personal path to healing and wholeness as a courageous, and competent African woman and leader.

Rose Egolet  Founder

Reverend Denise has a unique ability to use what she has learned from her decades of experience being at the forefront of successful ministry and community organization to accelerate her mentees and coaching clients past their limitations while encouraging them to make their vision a reality.

Ian Brown Creative Director

Love for God and all people; a passion for Women and Emerging Leaders

Authenticity, Collaboration, and Resource-FULL-ness; are just a few of the core values that guide my life's work. I live a purposeful life of growth, development and self-determination in order to support and activate healthy, impactful, and accountable clients who reach beyond their perceived limitations to change the world.

Rev Denise Gillard



5 Keys to Kick-Start Your Personal Pivot, Women’s Edition

The ultimate coaching company that provides women with the keys to sustainable transformation. Start your transformation journey today.