How to Achieve the first steps you need to grow during times of change and transition.

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What they say

As a coach Denise is a good balance of loving and challenging. She is thorough and took a lot of time to get to know me and understand my ministry context. She challenged me personally as well as professionally.

She was able to provide me with many resources to help me as a leader but the most effective part of her coaching is the questions she asks. She has a gift of drawing out the important issues and creating space and dialogue for theological reflection.

I really enjoyed being coached by Denise and I know she made me a more effective leader as I started out in a new ministry role and context.

Rev Abby Davidson, M.T.S

- Pastor of Missional Discipleship Spring Garden Church

What I love most about my sessions with Rev Denise are that she listens and asks a lot of probing questions. I have lived a life in this world that can be a lot to hear and not once has Rev Denise joined me in my exhaustion.  She continues to encourage and challenge me.

I was completely lost and like “Amazing Grace”, she helped me be found. 

Sheryl-Lynn Codogan-Udeh

- Sole-Support Parent

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